Plasko Lite Marketing was incorporated on 06 July 2001 and commenced business in July 2001.

Plasko Lite Marketing was formed to capable and versatile in designing and producing acrylic custom made products. We are started out strongly during the early years in providing services to corporate sector. It is in this market that we excel best in acrylic related products such as tabletop, floor standee, cosmetic tester bar, cosmetic trays and others.

It was at the juncture that we realize the need for a mere tangible product is almost secondary to our customers. Instead the quality of product and services that we have provided thus far is the main criterion to them.

In an effort to reach out and expand to the corporate sector, we bring forth our services and effort to offer product suggestion, which suits corporate needs with customization ideas that make the yours.

Our Company Mission and Services on:-
Providing good quality products and excellent service to our customers.
Making an inventive ideas and design to develop acrylic custom make products.
The company has a mission to make Plasko Lite Marketing a trademark as a reputable manufacturer of all range of acrylic products based on the quality and after sales customer services.

Company Name:
Plasko Lite Marketing (001304844-D)

Working Time :
Monday - Friday (10:00 am - 7:00 pm)
Saturday (10:00 am - 3:00 pm)